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Morning Eye Candy: The Busiest of Beavers

Posted in Wildlife on February 22nd, 2013 by Matt Newman – 4 Comments

So, this is a first for us on Plant Talk, but I figure this beaver’s visit to our neck of the river is as good an excuse as any to toss a couple GIFs up on the blog. These animations (along with a few others I’ve got up my sleeve; maybe you can see those later) were pieced together from a series of individual frames snapped by one of several motion-activated critter cams we have monitoring the woodsy areas of the Garden.

These cameras have captured everything from owls to foxes, and now they’re documenting the beavers which have called the Bronx River home for at least the past few years. This is important mainly because Justin and José Beaver (hard to tell which one this is, if either) are the first of their species to be seen in New York City in over two centuries!

Them beavers

We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the beaver news that comes our way, but for now, enjoy our paddle-tailed friend demonstrating his feats of Mighty-Mouse-like strength and generally wandering around. Happy Friday!

Bronx River Beavers