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Morning Eye Candy: A Growing Stage

The Auricula Theater makes its reappearance in the Herb Garden!

Auricula theater

In the Herb Garden – Photo by Ivo M. Vermeulen

  1. Sue Leffler says:

    This photo of a unique theater brings a smile. Just a few days ago, while wandering in the Garden, I came upon an empty theater. I presumed it was a set-up for a Wine in the Garden event. Just two days after, I noticed Plants on the shelves and an explanatory placard, as well. Wow!

    That’s how I made the acquaintance of Auriculas, a plant possibly noticed but not truly seen in my earlier pre-Garden life.

    I have now purchased a wonderful book at Shop in the Garden, Auriculas Through the Ages, and intend to really familiarize myself with this unusual and very special plant.

    So Thank You to the Creative Geniuses who produced our very own Auricula Theater, and to John in the Shop, and to Ivo!

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