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Trendspotting at the Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale

The Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale is celebrating 20 years of fine garden antiques this weekend, and the dealers have pulled out all the stops. I just got back from taking a walk around, camera in-hand, and I noticed a few really cool trends. While dogs and bunnies and horses are all present in myriad materials, there’s a new hot animal on the scene this year: birds. But not just any old birds (and I’m most definitely not talking about pink plastic flamingos from Leominster, Ma., though flamingos have flocked to a few booths), these are avian exotics, with a few domestic foul thrown in for good measure.

What other trends did I spot? Big pots. I mean huge pots, the kind of pots you could store an entire year’s worth of olive oil (or wine) in. Also, industrial antiques being honored for their form, not function. And then, there are a few of those quintessentially quirky finds that adhere to no trend other than just being outstandingly cool. But don’t take my word for it! Come visit this weekend and check out the Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale for yourself! Admission is included in any All-Garden Pass.

Birds of A Feather

Heron - Balsamo Antiques, Pine Plains, N.Y. and New York, N.Y.

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Very Big Pots

Balsamo Antiques, Pine Plains, N.Y. and New York, N.Y.

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Industrial Design Moves Out of the Loft and Into the Garden

Old Ship's Light - Margaret Doyle, Essex, Mass.

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Editor’s Picks

The Porter Garden Telescope is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen, even though it is missing its optics - Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques, Northfield, Conn.

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The Garden Rocks!

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